To the Campus Community

UC Santa Barbara provides an open environment for discovering, sharing, and critically examining knowledge. We do so by encouraging diversity and freedom of expression in an atmosphere of civility.

Such freedom also carries with it the responsibility to show respect toward all members of the campus community. UC Santa Barbara will not tolerate intimidation, threats of violence, or acts of violence by students, faculty, staff, researchers, or community members at UCSB or at campus sponsored events.

We are committed to policies and actions promoting dignity and safety for all individuals on the campus including the policy entitled "Sustaining Community and Preventing Violence."

The information provided here is intended to delineate the policy and to provide access to information on what you can do if you suspect that policy is being violated.

To that end, we co-chair a Threat Management Team (TMT) of professionals to raise awareness, train, and assist individuals and departments to identify and use constructive methods for conflict resolution, promoting civility, responding to and preventing violence. We are deeply grateful for the dedication and expertise of the TMT members and for their help in maintaining UC Santa Barbara as a safe and open forum for our intellectual pursuits.

Angela Andrade
UCSB Threat Management Team